Monika Yamamoto

Monika Yamamoto

MONIKA PRIKKELOVÁ alias MONIKA YAMAMOTO Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer, CEO of mondance agency Born 1 MAY 1991 in Bratislava, Slovakia Monika was part of the Royal House of Milan (2014-2017), now is part of new European vogue house House of Yamamoto created by Rim from Paris and Icon Aviance from New York City and is mother herself of local Slovak and Czech House of Velvet (est. 2016). Monika started dancing in 2006 in that time biggest Slovak dance studio called Street Dance Academy in Bratislava. She learned all street dance styles, mostly Hip Hop and Popping. She discovered her love to House Music quickly.

Three years later became a dance teacher herself and was performing at big stages all over the Slovakia. She performed for the most famous local singers like Slovak Pop Diva Dara Rolins, Helenka Vondráčková, Michal David, etc. Was part of opening show before Pussycat Dolls concert in Bratislava, danced for Conchita Wurst at the Final of The Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna (2015) and appeared in music videos of local artists (Dara Rolins ft. Tomi Popovič, Rytmus ft. Laris Diam, VeronikaS ft. Majk Spirit) and more. She loves the stage.

Therefore is thankful for all the experience as background dancer in live TV shows (Slovak Pop Idol, Slovak version of Xfactor, New Year’s Eve, etc.), fashion shows and other also smaller events. By the time, she discovered the growing female energy in her body and that made her look for some other dance style than Hip Hop. Something that would teach her how to be more feminine. In 2011 ran into Waacking and a year later fell totally in love with Voguing. That moment changed her dance career. It was not easy since in Slovakia was nobody teaching or dancing Vogue. She travelled, learned, and now is the first Slovak dancer who is teaching Vogue dance on regular basis and spreading the knowledge about vogue culture. She is a good teacher and knows how to lead others to become better. Monika organized the ever first vogue ball in Slovakia, The Velvet Ball in 2016 and after big success brought the second edition in 2017 called The Hunting Ball.

She made up also one teaching concept called Intensive Vogue Weekend, where participants can experience a lot about vogue techniques and attitude in three days. In 2016 decided with her dance partner Viktor Bukový to open a Slovak and Czech kiki House of Velvet, to bring some local people who like to Vogue together. Her main categories are Hands Performance, Vogue Femme and European Runway. She won multiple trophies for Hands Performance all over the Europe and is recognizable with her style in this category.

After finishing the Master Degree in Business Administration (2015), established her own dance and entertainment agency called mondance that is based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Running the agency, being choreographer and performer is now her fulltime job. Learned from:Javier Ninja (US), Danielle Polanco (US),Aviance Milan (US), Jamal Milan (US), Stanley Milan (US), Dashaun Wesley (US), Archie Burnett (US), Omari Mizrahi (NYC), Prince Myiake Mugler (US), Leissandra Ninja (Paris), Rim Milan (Paris) and others. Gave Workshops in: Prague, Vienna, Helsinki, couple of cities in Hungary, Czech republic, Poland and all over Slovakia. Battle and Balls Achievements: 2017 GERMANY, Berlin – HANDS PERFORMANCE (win) – The Bold Ball AUSTRIA, Vienna – RUNWAY (win) – Let’s have a Kiki Function AUSTRIA, Vienna – VOGUE FEMME (win) – Let’s have a Kiki Function FINNLAND, Helsinki – HANDS PERFORMANCE (win) – Jenni Milan 40 & Flawless ball FINNLAND, Helsinki – VOGUE FEMME (final) – Jenni Milan 40 & Flawless ball 2016 USA, New York – WOMEN’s PERFORMANCE (win) – Vogue Knights FRANCE, Paris – HANDS PERFORMANCE (win) – The Galaxy Ball SLOVAKIA, Bratislava – RUNWAY (win) – The Velvet Ball AUSTRIA, Vienna – VOGUE FEMME (final) – Eat Slay & Love AUSTRIA, Vienna – VOGUE PERFORMANCE (final) – Eat Slay & Love SWEDEN, Stockholm – POT LUCK VOGUE (final) – The World of Vogue Ball SWEDEN, Stockholm – VOGUE FEMME (final) – The World of Vogue Ball 2015 GERMANY, Berlin – HANDS PERFORMANCE (win) – The Jingle Ball 2014 CZECH REPUBLIC, Jedovnice – VOGUE (final) – Street Dance Kemp (SDK) GERMANY, Düsseldorf – VOGUE PERFORMANCE (semifinal) – Bring it to the Kö SLOVAKIA, Bratislava – WAACKING (win) - Street Life Jam SLOVAKIA, Bratislava – ALL STYLE CREW (win) - Street Life Jam SLOVAKIA, Košice – WAACKING (final) – Face 2 Face Battle SLOVAKIA, Košice – WAACKING (final) – The Next Step SLOVAKIA, Košice – ALL STYLE CREW (final) – SDK Slovak Preselection 2013 GERMANY, Berlin – VOGUE PERFORMANCE (win) – Tit Bit Ball vol.1 SLOVAKIA, Bratislava – WAACKING (semifinal) – Street Life Jam 2012 SLOVAKIA, Šenkvice – WAACKING (win) – The Slovak Waacking and Hip Hop battle SLOVAKIA, Bratislava – VOGUE (semifinal) – Dance Factor Walked also at The Fashion Week Special Ball – NYC, USA Streetstar 2013, 2015 – Stockholm, SE The Five Elements Ball – Berlin, DE Journey To The Far East – Berlin, DE The Milkshake Festival – Amsterdam, NL

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